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should the best farmer ever badge be given to groups of people or just 1 person who does it solo

  • Yes it should
  • Idk
  • No it shouldn’t
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def solo

Solo and not just top 100 like 15-20mil xp in a set amount of time

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Obv solo. The only way I would like group would be that you would have to show proof that you contributed at least 3mill xp.

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Just to clarify
Yes it should means it should be solo
idk mean you dont know/care
no means it should be a be a group

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Wrong accorong to assassinator.

Ye but just follow what it says not common sense. Not everyone uses common sense


Dude what even the post says it “should the best farmer ever badge be given to groups of people or just 1 person”, if you believe to be for a group of people you would choose “Yes it should”.

Assasinator made the poll and said otherwise

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Not flexing :sunglasses:

Yes it should means yes it should be given to one person

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ur not that good

Maybe @gautam can make a good farmer badge which would be get top 100 within a week as a team, and then the great farmer badge can be only for individual users.

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A team could use 100 people and over 75% of the team joined a day ago

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Well then there could be a limit to the forum age of those players and number of players on said team?

bro its just a forum badge :skull:

Don’t be mean :sob:

@gautam you cold make it so it is only a maximum of 3 players per group for great farmer and any more than that could be for good farmer