TC leaked (goodbye for real this time)

So I’m dxrk and I am leaking information about bob the conqueror’s clan called TC.
First off the account that everyone is using it called TC. the password for this account is [redacted].

Members are DN haters and will kill DN members on sight so you should kill the following people:

BOb the conqueror
XRapt(a noob that’s worse than I am)
Agent Hershey
SOme other random kids.

I will be returning in September. SO long CHILDREN

mind telling me the username for it too?

shiver me timbers

wow im so scared

oh thats why he asked me if i enjoyed messing with dn

:/ but u cant >:)

You’re like 11, why are you calling others children when there’s no one younger than you


if ur leaking TC than you were in the clan too :skull: :clown_face:

erm actually we disbanded it after this message so its not there anymore

Bob the conqueror it says it right there :skull:

You were in that clan :shoot:

what was the pass again?



time to join the clan just to make this five year old mad