Teaming is now Bannable

Tbh I’m kinda on more than anyone else maybe number 1 it depends on somedays

This is irrelevant now


Oh they’re online rn. I see a “{QX} Mrbeast600” (not even 6000, smh)

Glad you’re still able to make it in game btw :slight_smile:

honestly tho, they killed amethyst, if i get banned for this, im fine with it

Teaming can be bad but sometimes it do be necessary, say if you wanted to take out 1st and they had 1m+ or someone just continues running after initiating aggression and being a nuisance while you’re tryna chill or beating other teamers.

I can also imagine this being abused. If someone wanted to get you banned, they’d just help you with every kill and record it. Moderation would be necessary, and those mods may be too hard-handed with banning or biased against a certain player/players.

A rule like this would make sense for excessive teaming, so like if the top 4 just keep on killing everyone in the lobby 4v1. Could be considered BM or toxic.


wait @gautam is 2v2 allowed?

what if i asked to get 2v1 on?

what if i want to get teamed on?

what if i want to let them try?

what if i want to di- TOO FAR YOU GET THE POINT!

I’m 99% sure he’s still kidding

He isn’t. Trust me, either guatam will enforce it or penguin will show up with infinite coins and kill u.

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dear teaming

dear teaming again.



Hes kidding bruh

He is he said it earlier

wow you guys should see the page

at least 50% of the new posts there are about clans and teaming

I know, that’s why I had to stop playing
the entire server is one big clan