Terraria=Best game

I have been playing for hours and hours and i think personally that it is the best game and i think that it is the best we should all play it i love this game and i just want to see how many terraria players there are Best Regards,Niko.


swordbattle.io is better


well in the end they are both indie games just one is more challenging try terraria on master nearly Impossible but swordbattle.io is easy

terraria is bad in my opinion and dont JK i never played terraria :sunglasses:

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play it

Jokes on u i cant ohhhhhhhhh

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Terraria reigns supreme as the best! Unlock its full potential with APK Mod enhancements for an unparalleled gaming adventure.

I’m gonna hit you very hard with a metal rod

Terraria is just Minecraft with worse graphics

absolutely terrible opinion.

Click the link in my about page it’ll give my evidence for the opinion

Something just compells me to snap one of your teeth in half and start tickling the exposed nerves

terreria is a realmz ripoff

I’m just charming that way

me personally side order is more fun

glazing does insane things.