TGFB: season 1 breakdown

When TGFB season 1 starts, people will probably have questions, this is where you re-direct them!

TGFB stands for The Great Forum Battles, a competition where the forum fights to be considered The Great Forum champion! (Sometimes, they’ll be able to help host!)

30 ppl will be accepted, 25 will join automatically, the other 5 will be able to debut in a vote later

All challenges will be put in “Episodes”, where the challenge, voting, and elimination take place

Here’s how it will be structured:

Lore: First, a Post without an episode number will be made to give lore on what happens in-between challenges.

Challenge: a numbered post will be made, explaining what number challenge it is and the episode name (EX: TGFB s0 e27: A different host.) In this activity, the players have to do what can give them safety or put them Up for elimination. this lasts 1-3 days

Voting: after the challenge ends, the UFE contestants will be named and put on a form, where you all can vote on who to eliminate! This lasts ~1 day.

Elimination: After voting ends, I will read the votes, and eliminate whoever had the most votes, sending them somewhere special.

Lore is going to play a major part as well, maybe there will be some secrets!

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Sentient slice of ham lore :flushed:

How many contestants will there be?

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I’m gonna add that


Also what will the winner get?

one sec…

69 bilien dolers (from mr beest :flushed: )



lamb :goat:

it’s 7.94 billion

thats the 2021 count :neutral_face: