The Adaptoid H.G Boss (Art+Fight Scene)

Since I’m still writing the Shogun fight and its STILL not done yet, along with Max Republican, I’ve decided to treat ya’ll with alittle something in the meantime.

Here I present to ya’ll a fight scene involving one of our favorite Hunger Games Boss concepts: The Adaptoid.

But, since I’m sure that the majority of people who click on this have already read the Adaptoid boss fight, I’ve also decided to throw something else at ya’ll.

Here is a few drawings of my interpretation of the Adaptoid, I guess making this it’s canon design.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 4.42.10 AM

Just for fun I encourage everyone to make an interpretation on this boss. It would be pretty cool to see what someone with a creative mind thought what this boss would look like.

Again thx to @_MV_UN_Faraway_Flame for making the Hunger Games, hope to see this guy in the offical future Hunger Games. G-MAN, Out.

Who else thinkin this guy is a pretty good boss all around?

Anybody like the design?

The design isn’t realy the best. Wasn’t it supposed to be scary?

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It kind of wa, but I turned to a more villainous-approach. I can make it scary if you want. Im prty good at horror art.

i kinda imagined it like a blob changing itself into anything that can help it against someone


Lemme pull up in-scene description

“The thing looked human enough but with a gray complexion of skin. It had green beady eyes with a digital pupil in the center of each eye.”

I guess my design is close enough. Maybe. Not really. I love how I, the creator of the boss, sees it’s canon deisgn as something totally diff than it’s book one.


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I don’t get it. I’m stupid.

In the beginning hes upset abt the sand right?
now uget it?

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Nah bro dont do him like that :skull:

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Yo, that caught me off guard so well. But if 8 meets the Adaptoid then we’ll be able to see the difference in power big time.

I thought slaps response was funny af

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It was.

Why did that actualyl remind me of monke…
no offense

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Cuz hes a monkey. Hes a goofy goober.


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