The Battle Between the unicorn and the dragon edit 1

The battle between the unicorn and the dragon (I wrote what is in bold, everything else I wrote last week)

A long time ago, before humans existed, unicorns and dragons lived together. They used to be at war all the time. Most of the kings were bloodthirsty, some just hated the unicorns. But one day in the biggest war in history. One of the former dragon kings died during a war. The king’s son named James was with him that day, unlike the other kings, he actually liked his father, but he hated how he had no respect for the unicorns. One day James asked his father why he hated the unicorns so much. His father sighed and explained “The unicorns are a threat to us, they will limit our power. We will not be able to roam the world we do now. We will be kept inside a box and we will not be able to escape.” Ever since that day James thought of what he would do when he was king. Every dragon king’s son became the king, if the dragon did not have a son, he would have had to decide before he died who deserved to be the king. Now that James’s father was dead, James could make his own decisions for the people. James shouted at the unicorn who killed his father “I am the king’s son, I order you to tell your queen the war is over, I want peace for both of our people.” The unicorn was shocked to hear this, she replied saying “Of course! My kingdom has been waiting for this!” The unicorn rushed away. James started forming a message to the queen through the wind. It said “My father has died, I am the new king. I hope our kingdoms can be at peace!” The queen replied saying “It is about time, I am glad you chose to be at peace with us.” Now that the war was over, the king, James, rushed to the palace and immediately wrote who he wanted to be king once he was dead, to make sure they could stay at peace. He knew his friend Yahya would keep the kingdoms and peace, he was about 20 years younger than him. He knew he would be the Perfect fit. One day when James was ill Yahya came up to him saying “I will keep our kingdom at peace, I promise.” Those were the last words James heard. 178 generations later, a dragon named Slago heard two unicorns talking about the leader of the dragons. One of the unicorns said “Sal the leader of the dragons controls us too much. He limits our magic. We can’t even speed up the process of plants growing anymore! That was part of the reason why we exist! We must do something about this! We should go to war!” Slago was shocked by what he heard, he thought surely he heard wrong, the dragon king, Sal, gave everything to the unicorns. He gave his loyalty to the queen of the unicorns, how could somebody go against such an amazing dragon! As soon as Slago heard this, he went straight to the castle of dragons. One of the guards stopped him and said “You must not go past unless it is something major, the king is busy right now.” Slago responded saying “It’s urgent, I heard two unicorns talking, they want to go to war!” The guard paused for a second and then questioned “Are you sure you are not faking? The unicorns would never do something like that.” Slago was becoming inpatient “of course, do you really think I would try and lie to the king?” The guard stopped for a moment then let him past. The king was laying on a pile of gold, when he looked up, he saw Slago and asked “What do you want? I was just taking a nap.” Slago told him the story and what he heard from the two unicorns. After Slago was finished telling the story, the king said “The unicorns are no longer on our side, war is coming.” Meanwhile The two unicorns that were discussing their issues, were going to the queen’s palace. The queen’s palace was on a cloud, any mortal who saw it would instantly fall in love with it. The queen’s palace had no guards, but had a walk in, the two unicron walked in. The queen, Violet, asked “What brings you here today, Kendra and Molly?” Molly started by saying “Don’t you think the dragons are overpowering us?” The queen was surprised to hear this “No. They are loyal to me, why would I want a war with them?” the queen asked. Kendra said “We are not allowed to make rainbows, or speed up the process of plants growing, and the dragons are constantly destroying the forests.” Violet responded by saying “I never thought of that, maybe I should bring this issue up to the king.” Then Violet received a message through the wind, it said “We are at war, I gave you everything I possibly could and now you are betraying me? How could you? Our kingdoms were at peace for over 10,000 years!” The Queen looked at Molly and Kendra and sighed then said “looks like we are at war.” The next day, Violet woke up to see dragons invading her palace. Violet thought, already! How did they find my palace so quickly? Violet rushed to the next room where her servant was sleeping. Violet shook her servant saying “Wake up! We are at war!” The Servant opened his eyes, and jumped out of bed. He was apparently planning the night before when the queen announced what had happened. The Servant immediately said to Violet “I sent some troops to find the dragon castle last night. According to my senses, they are at the Volcano of Doom.” Violet replied asking “Should I sacrifice my horn for the safety of our citizens?” The Servant said “No! You should not, you know that it would kill you. We need you to guide us through the war. You can’t give up so quickly.” The same morning Sal sent troops to find the unicorn palace. One reported back saying they found the palace. About an hour later, Sal saw something out the window. A unicorn was prying open the window of the guard three rooms away. Sal thought I must save my people. I never wanted to do this, but I must. Sal took the blade of killing all, once he blew fire on this, everything would parish. Minutes later Violet saw a ball of red coming toward her. Violet thought the war is ending too quickly, and the dragon king killed himself too. How could he activate The blade of killing. Violet thought about sacrificing her horn, but she thought nothing would happen, it’s too late. Violet grabbed her horn. Maybe I should’ve sacrifice my horn, I am going to die either way and it might save the citizens. Violet ripped off her horn and fell to the ground. Seconds later, A purple ball started to get bigger and bigger. It covered a couple of troops from both the dragons and unicorns. And then the red ball reached it. Suddenly, a flash of light came over the whole planet. The light slowly started to fade away, and in the spot where the ball of red and purple met, there was a village. The troops that got covered by the purple ball and the red ball turned into humans. The humans remembered nothing about their previous life, but found it mysterious how they suddenly appeared. They decided to name the village The Village of Legends.


@3RG3R How banana is the story?

Is this your way of telling me you want me to make a unicorn skin


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guess what other skin of mine, not in the game yet, I want to remake

Ah, yes the return of the unicROn.

Now you’ve made me debate myself on whether that should be:

the two unicorn walked in


the two unicorns walked in



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Is the word “unicorn” itself plural, or does it need an s to make it plural?

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needs an s

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unicorn /ˈjuːnəˌkoɚn/ noun. plural unicorns .

I couldn’t decide, and the original post used “unicorn” with no s as plural:


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