the best rising pvper?

i do both lol

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I was a 1.5k ._, and I didn’t even attack you, that’s spawnkilling.
Plus if people just follow you around attack them instead of 1v3ing me smh

I only attacked your really bad β€œfriends” and you proceeded to team on me

Oh, mb then

I wouldn’t consider them my friends
They just show up and start helping me, I don’t wanna be mean so I help them
Personally, I just want to murder like over half of them lol

Do it

yeah, its better to just decline β€œteam” requests if u dont want to, bc then your gonna have a higher chance one of them backstabs u and/or steals coins, or just u dont like

they dont request to team or anything
they just started helping me with chests and bosses and stuff

then start killing them lol

then they’ll team and kill me
(ive tried on one of them)

thats one. just try on others

they’re all friends…

damn lol. try to avoid them then?

i tried yesterday
but i cant grind without at least one of them coming to me

ghost em :face_in_clouds:

me: β€œi dont know you.” β€œwhy are you coming near me” β€œback off” kills

Do It Episode 3 GIF by Star Wars

He cant… but ok

What the



well its rare but who’s counting :slight_smile: