the challenge rules!

… i out of ideas @UNglaceon8 i need your help

DISCLAMIER: unless you too lazy and idc if u are but u have to read to play sadly and uh this may look the same to making a forum and i see that and uh idk what i thinking.

here are the rules that affect all incoming challenge from the challenge series! execpt for warm up challenge. there are penalty that i need to figure out with @UNglaceon8 for breaking the rules for the challenge

i spoiler it just in case if needed

rule @number1 only 3 people can perm dispualfy u and bring you back from perm out is me @UNglaceon8 and @gautam gautam can because he own sb and can just ban u from sb too you we can also tempory dispualfy you too! the mods and the people i listed can do that! if you get temp out that means we are investgationing something and you will be back in soon! you will need to cooperate and accept this!

rule number 2 report when needed. if u suscpet that one of the roles are breaking the rules let us know and we will investgate! we want this to be fair. WHY THE HECK DOES THIS FEEL LIKE MAKING A FORUM?!

rule number 3 be honest about your score! or what you got and what you did! because honestly is gonna be used for all the other challenges!

rule number 4 don’t kill the roles! they cannot kill you either! this is so no-one gives coins to each other remember mods and you guys to report! i will allow self defense tho and they can only kill you after 3 warning from cheating they have to tell u they reset after each challenge the 3 is when they have to stop or kill u which i allow. if it happens again and did not reset that when they get to report.

rule number 5 this goes to the roles don’t try to do anything on purpose that disrupt or make it hard for the players to do anything or get the score they need without cheating! but that also means don’t make it harder for the roles to do their jobs! we here to make the challenge fair! so we exepct you too so don’t cheat!

rules number 6 follow these rules and the rules in the challenges topic!

@UNglaceon8 update or decoding


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gonna update this with @UNglaceon8 or decode it a bit


… yeah we not doing alts hell to the no if we doing ALTS THERE NO WAY WE DOING ALT! JUST NO!

conclusion: yeah no cycling this is the reason why i made roles

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