The Competition {CHAPTER FOUR}


“An escape room?” FarawayFlame frowned thoughtfully. “But this doesn’t look anything like the escape rooms I’ve been in. It’s just…pitch black. Nothing in this room.”

Some in the crowd nodded. Others continued murmuring to themselves, trying to understand the situation we’ve been put in.

“This all seems…so prookly.” incognitoes mused. “Is it safe to step outside the red box?”

Wasd nodded faintly. “I don’t know about whether its safe, but how else are we supposed to -”

prookl spoke up. “Excuse me, incognitoes, I beg to differ. Even I, with my prookliness, can’t solve this problem. But maybe…” prookl paused.

All eyes turned to prookl, waiting for an insight. But…silence. And so gradually, eyes moved from prookl to their general surroundings.

“I mean,” incognitoes continued, “What would happen if we were to step outside the red box? Is there even a floor? I can’t tell…it’s too dark.”

incognitoes took a cautious step outside the box with one foot, trying to find solid ground to no avail.

Shadowblade nodded. “It would be so much easier to figure out what was going on if the lights were off. Then we could - "

A bare whisper escaped prookl. “Our mind is the one who cages us… let go and we will realize we are free and It will wake us.”

“It? What - who’s….It?” meomaranti-hack wondered. “What do you mean, our mind cages us?” But prookl said nothing, and stared out to the black expanse of nothingness.

But…it wasn’t only nothingness, Wasd realized. It was…

A mysterious black question mark.

Wasd pointed frantically. “Look! Look! There’s something there! A…a question mark?”

And, as eyes traveled around the distant question mark…a distinct black and white suit came into view.

incognitoes frowned incredulously. “Victor? What are you doing here? How are you outside of the box?”

“Hah,” Victor laughed. “Well, one of you is on the right track. It isn’t impossible… as impossible as you think it is, anyways.”

incognitoes remarked, “Wait, Victor! Why are you…help us, please!”

Victor disappeared without another word.

And so the people gathered inside the red box began to ponder Victor’s words.

Uri shot up from her seat on the ground. “Wait! Maybe prookl is right, after all. Maybe what we need to do to get out is trick our mind into thinking it’s easy to get out. So maybe this was all a mental escape room?”

Slapadabass nodded, then frowned as a thought came to him. “But if that’s true, how did Gautam even organize this, then? It’s not like he’s a magician or psychologist or anything…”

Uri shrugged. “I don’t know. But let’s just try it, and we can ask Gautam a question when we get out!”

“If we get out,” Penguin commented. “But you’re right. There’s no harm done in giving it a try.”

And so they all concentrated on how easy it was to get out, and soon enough they were out of the escape room.

But even though prookl was right about one thing, another one of them was wrong. Because they never did get a chance to ask Gautam a question about how he did it.

And the reason for that is that Gautam never gave them a chance to.

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ultimate foreshadowing

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behind the scences: why is it so dark still.

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also be careful not to tri-

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where am i?

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im getting the idea that the im the secret mastermind or sm


hehe chapter 4

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are you the mastermind?

if this is a cover up for some corporation breeding monsters that’d be interesting.
probably not plausible for someone like me though, monsters are gross, i’d rather just trap you all.


be careful not to trip since it so dark

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that would be funny tho if it happened in chapter 5

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Yessir my mysterious entrance now I’m loving this

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omg stopp being pushy its coming out soon lol

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