The Competition {CHAPTER SEVEN}

Immediately after Gautam left the competitors, they all began to spread out throughout the mansion.

For a while, everyone was trying to get away from each other for fear of getting eliminated.

Until Lewcantoucan had a startling realization of something.

Gautam told us that this stage would never end until we find and exile the eliminated person. And none of us alone has had any luck.

So, naturally, the only logical way to solve this stage… is to get together to try to figure it out with others!

So he grabbed a pencil and a notepad from a nearby desk in a study, for notes. And with that knowledge, Lewcantoucan began scouting around the mansion for the others.

I will be distant from others, he mused, so that I won’t get eliminated.

And soon enough, he found the competitors. Eventually, he gathered all of them together in one large room.

Of course, not all were that willing. Some were highly reluctant to be in close proximity with the others for fear of being eliminated.

But, eventually, Lewcantoucan managed it with a speech explaining the pros of working together.

In his notepad he collected earlier, he jotted down the names of the contestants gathered around the room:














(Stage One) Victor.Xen.Vix.Owner sighting??

Not seen as of yet.

Lewcantoucan knew that the eliminated would probably try to evade being caught at all times, and be as normal as possible.

So to do that, he would need to somehow interrogate everyone.

Interrogating, that was it. Lewcantoucan nodded. Interrogating.

But where would he start? Or, more specifically, who would he start with?


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