The Competition {CHAPTER THIRTEEN}

MNV_PenguinLord561 and the other eliminated spread out throughout the mansion slowly, like a gradually spreading deadly virus, waiting for the right vulnerability to eliminate the others.

And F1NN was with the eliminated, too. Watching, just like they were. Patrolling, just like they were.

But with an entirely different motive.

F1NN stood attentively, looking down at the main room where most uneliminated were gathered but hidden in a small corner of a room.

When will this competition end? They all seem so unattentive. Do they not know of Wasd’s whole group, ramapaging about?? I don’t know what’s up with it, but definitely nothing good…

And F1NN’s thoughts were completely logical, for F1NN knew not of the situation of the competition nor what was at stake, but still knowing that something dangerous was lurking.

Not that anybody else knew the full extend of what was at stake, either. All except one person…

A tall figure in an expensively tailored suit stood near the mansion. His face was nowhere to be seen, save for a mysterious question mark hovering over his suit.

Victor.XenVixOwner stood, watching the competitors. He laughed, for only he knew what was at stake here…much, much bigger than the picture the competitors stood in.

Meanwhile, F1NN stood by a counter in a remote room of the mansion. For F1NN had a plan, one that just might save everyone in the competition.

And Victor.XenVixOwner stood by F1NN, invisible through all the senses, but understanding thoroughly what F1NN was planning to do.

And there was also another thing that Victor.XenVixOwner also didn’t know about: F1NN could sense him.

“You.” F1NN said with grave finality, looking at Victor.XenVixOwner with a decided look on his face.

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yes, yes, it’s finally here. and @f1nn you better see this lolol

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he actually skipped an enitre fighting scence :augh:

no i didnt (next chapter leak?? :camera_flash: :eyes: )

Me just stalking from the outside, knowing whats going down


i actually be suprised if that how you get in the story somehow.



tysm! i do try.

since prookl hasn’t said this yet:

this next chapter better be prookly

haha definitely

you took prookl line lol

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If this is how i get in the story, then imma be laughing

youll see…

i bet u stare at dresses and want them

i seriously don’t understand what you mean

rare footage leaked of him actually doing that?

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