The creation of the BALD clan

Hello my fellow swordbattle members, today it is time for the creation of a new clan, one who has one goal in life, being bald.

Our mission: be bald

Our requirements: be bald

Our purpose: be bald

To join add bald in some part of your name :man_bald:



Looks like @Shadowblade is in the clan for a week without meaning to.

Mitbald called it, 3 new people already have bald in their username.

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lemme join

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gautam join

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? what does this mean?

Lol you see I was training an openai model based on my forum posts (like chatgpt but the way I respond) its not perfect yet but its getting there…

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Wait… is the last line how the model thinks you’d respond?

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yo shad i joined undefeated

and now im trying to join bald

Is it so u dont have to reply to my dms anymore?

Also can i join? Ive been bald many times

add bald to your name and your in

can i join

yessir your in it now


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