The Dark Apostles

Hi everyone it is @Darkoknight here,

So you may have seen a revolution going on around the community and i have been thinking everyone is crazy apart from me. So i have decided to show my wisdom and generosity throughout this homeland. i have decided to make my group. It is officially called Dark’s Apostles.

** * Annuit Coeptis: He (God) favors our undertakings.**

Here is what we are about…

In times of war and famine, unity and joint action become crucial for our survival. Joining a group like Dark’s Apostles can offer a crucial opportunity to come together under a single flag with a common purpose: to protect our people and secure our future. In such hard times, the strength of a united front can be our greatest asset. Dark’s Apostles can provide a sense of belonging, shared responsibility, and a structured framework to respond to the challenges we face. With a dedicated leader at the helm, we can better coordinate our efforts, pool resources, and strategize to withstand the hardships of war and famine. Joining this group signifies a commitment to the welfare of our community and a collective resolve to navigate these troubled times, ultimately emerging stronger and more resilient.

To apply DM

The role:

why you should be it:

And what you like and dislike:


I will give you assignments and you will slowly rank up if you pass

Leader: * Darkoknight or me *

Co-leader: Free

Sergeant Major: Free

General: Free

Sergeant Major: Free

First sergeant: Free

Master sergeant: Free

Sergeant Free

Corporal: Free

Rank 1 Specialists @frumpy

specialist: @frumpy

Private: *@F1NN @Wasd @KILLEN @Reyansh @UNglaceon8 *

Cleaner: @luffy

Multiple people per role available

(Not a military)


Illuminati confirmed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

nah man just you apostle symbol do you want to join are family

not really

pretty much yeah lol

Just one question:

will this make me a cool kid?

idk man it is just a friendly group where we do the work of god i am sure if you want to and you join us and become one of us i am sure god will make you cool
just DM me what role and why

see you soon brother

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Can I join? :o

just DM brother

Welcome brothers:
@frumpy : Specialist (on his way to be rank 1)
Welcome brother
@luffy : Cleaner (idk what he is doing)
Welcome brother

Do I become cool kid like frumpy said



Really though? Do I? Prove it

" :sunglasses: "

:0 Gimme sunglasses

Make me cool

Can I join?

Private Chat with @Darkoknight to get in


Who are you against?

i wanna be cool