the dilemma of being the person with most posts created

so uh, many of you know me as the person with most posts created. but there comes some downsides to that…

see, some of you have been wondering where i’ve been. and, nowhere, really. im just as active as i used to be, and just as motivated…its just, i don’t post that much anymore.

why? well, uh…there was a period where i would publish 5, even 10 posts a day. and because of that, i think all the content i could use has significantly dwindled, without my posts being repetitive and good-quality.

tldr- ive just about ran out of content.

so, i have a request for those who want to help: what you all could do is give me ideas of posts you would like me to post about. (ps, im working on a skin but it will be a while before i make a post on that!)

it would help a lot and be greatly appreciated! (also, almost 50 followers!!) thanks, ly guys!


don’t worry your posts were never good quality, at least since you started spamming them so continue spam posting and being insulted by other people :)

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sure, i’ll do that! (also speak for urself abt my topics, its fine to have ur opinions but like- :laughing:)

rook army is the best post in this forum

do vamp army next

lmao shameless self promotion- ahem, anyways, but that’s funny i agree, but at the same time it doesnt have any thought provoking questions or essays or lowercase letters in the beginning of sentences.

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u don’t have any thought provoking sentances, the only thing you have is bade gramer

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u r soe meaen 4 meakinge mey spealiieng looek baed

Incog bad grammar is not something to be proud about

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Ngl nobody cares, or cared. Ig it sounds cool, but it’s nothing big. Keep doing your “low-quality” posts, don’t stress out.

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Ngl I’d just spend a bit more time on the topic thinking about how it will be received rather than the content in it.

Your titles are ambiguous, your fluff your paragraphs a lot, and its most of the time something I’d gloss over without second thought.


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