The fate of my pear

I have this pear and only have a few options:

  1. I could eat it
  2. Give to animals
  3. Let it free (homeless pear)
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  1. :wink:


I showed this to my friend and he jumped back in genuine fear. Please send it back to the hell it came from.

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a conference pear from the UK look it up

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Plug the toilet?

japanese pears are 2000x better
なし | あいちの果物 | あいちの園芸 | あいち産のご紹介 | JAあいち経済連

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Are you penguins alt?

I agree Asian pears are the best


I don’t know who that is…

it looks like a peen dude what tf do you think they want you to do with it :sob:

I failed to measure this morning

  1. I am wasd’s number 1 fan not you
  2. mods can see ips and they know you’re me
  3. get out of my brain
  4. remember the name of the person you’re mind controlling :roll_eyes:

That is no pear! That’s an apple!

I don’t like pears. I guess compost it?

no it’s a asian pear: they’re 10x better than whatever the hell

this potato is

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My tier list of fruits, may be questionable to some.
If you feel strongly about some of my opinions, by all means DM me to ask/interrogate me

pomegranates are at least A though.

Where do I get that tier list

Note that I did exclude some fruits from my tier list.