the forgotten clicking method?

Like Number1 said if its forgotten just means ppl don’t use it, we use “Timed Hits” More Now

yeah agreed, however i think i might switch to timed butterfly clicking when trading.

(its given me an advantage before)

by butterfly do you mean when u hit ppl while going around them?

haha, no i mean this:

(taken from google)
To butterfly click you have to use 2 fingers and click on 1 button so you would probably use your index finger and your middle finger.

(single butterfly clicking)

oh that, idk if that even works in sb v2 cuz of the CPS lock

thats y i said single butterfly lol

ig u can sorta butterfly click on mobile…just use two fingers lol

now this reminds me of parkour and parkour reborn

disclamier: youtube is probaly how i find mostly everything now

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