The forum in pokemon

On the topic of the DS family, watching YouTube using one will have no ad’s at all

in what world do I know how to photoshop good?


also guys i gotta get home and find a way to sneak on the internet

(It won’t let me connect to new internet unless I have admin access)

Oh well. (Kirby fighters deluxe is best)

thats true

hamm do what the frog wants- mince the pokemon into candy and get a new one- name it frumpy and throw him out

Why are you responding to a bunch of old topics?

i dunno it gets recommended to me

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me pls

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I hate pokemon

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… pog

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smh you stole this from my playthrough of only naming Pokémon after amc users.

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I do it because there are some unread posts below replies on posts and when I’m bored I like reading through them

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Alr. Anyways lovander on top. :wink: