The forum is dead?

so a lot of people recently have remarked on how the forum is dead…but…

i don’t think so.

here’s why:

first: with the release of forum rewards, more people are going to try to be on the forum to complete the challenges.

even though 1 dollar is not that good of a prise, the challenges are doable and people might attempt them just for fun.

second of all, the main reason: v2 is coming out really soon, so there will be a huge burst of posts, topics, and people online conversing on

but not only that, it is expected that the amount of people playing will double or something crazy like that due to v2…

and a large percent of them will join the forum sooner or later as well, which will lead to more people, more, and more posts, which will help the forum “revive”, gaining a ton more popularity.

what do you think? is the forum dead?


V2 is after we Are talking about rn and instead of it being dead I would say it is boring. Secondly, forum rewards aren’t really genuine but if they do work

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Fourm is not dead you will know dead wait for winter brake that last time was fourm all time low

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Summer brake was even worse

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The forum is not dead, we’ve gotten a lot of new members recently.

It’s not dead but it is dying

Not really…

Feels like it to me, this place is boring af

I have an interesting event coming up so it really isn’t. You want to join?

interesting…i may or may not have (lol u really thought i would tell u now)…something planned to…

depends what it is

I think you are already part of it… Are you marrying anyone?

yes…hm a clue

If you check who has what badge right now you can see that no one has “trending user”, I remember a time where there were 2 trending users, 3 top 2% posters and 10 top 10% posters.

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I changed the forum rewards criteria for this week, hopefully to make chats more active!


Already a post abt this

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