The forum is slow (fix it!)

(300th ask community post)

@gautam i just wanna hit u with a forum sped up suggstions

  1. Upgrade ram
  2. Upgrade to Linode :sunglasses:
  3. Maybe remove the useless plugins

Some of the plugins are useless? I wouldn’t be suprised but what are they?

Here’s a screenshot of all the plugins here:

How do I access that?

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You need to have access to the forum’s admin console :>

That seems complicated

just do what i did and forge a request from gautams account and ip :rofl:

No wonder you keep getting banned/silenced.
But tbh, im pretty sure that the plugins do provide some pretty useful features, and that the forum would be pretty basic without it.

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half of them wouldnt be noticible (like data-explorer)

Ok, but they have to have been there for a reason.

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data-explorer hasn’t been needed since… ever

Yes, but what’s it for? Not for the forum, but the main use of the thing in the first place.

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Browsing the raw PostgreSQL database

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