the forum war/revolution

Excuse me mr KING got anything to say about this

kirbo revolution is smol, but we have haert


My name is Anna

better get your loyalty up your my 3rd in command

shouldn’t i be secound?

some combined there alinence for 3+ people for second postion (you tech stronger)

shouldn’t the best pvper be in secound?

your my lead general and my highest personal guard

Why are there 3 people in secound place? This is war not democary.

no there leader is second (not really) but he sucks at everything

Who is all the people on your team that are at least top 100?

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its shinoboi

he’s top what?

idk idk him

Ok, heres what our team is, One decent player One top 23 One top 100 and a few starters. . .

all the other players are nuetral

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Go get some decent players like Cvefy, zarooma, sageee, Tosti, D3storyer, Cosmi, vul and some others Shinobi is only top 78

What about me?

your a little better then starters. . .

I can beat cvefy, zarooma and sageee in 1v1