The Great Forum battle 11: Team Sedation

SwordStrikers 2.0 LOGO

This could be better, but i have other things i got to do.


6 points, good way to memorialize yourself through your your style

You do know your team, right?

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Blade bamboozlers. Glaceon made a design that was a sword with question marks. So I did the same.


looks ok i guess… 4 points


I’m on the blade bamboozlers team. In a private chat with a bunch of my fellow team members, glaceon8 made a design for this challenge that had a sword with question marks on it. They asked me to refine it, so I did.


well, thinking about the word bamboozle makes it makes sense. 6 points. also, why circles?

Cause I like circles.

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4 points sad :( looks like u guys win


Multiple people on ur team can submit ;)

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Not sure any of my team members are artists,

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Don’t forget you can make your previous team a logo for a win token

Wait FR?!

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Will i get reated on my other teams logo too?

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what’s this word?

i ment rated was dealing with a dog whos biting

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oh ok, yes, but those are going to be multipurpose. the points add to your total scores and whoever has the most points on a previous team logo gets the token

Almost done with the hammlet logo

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