The great forum battles 15: and the losing team is...

The Swordstrikers v2!

Vote here:

Oh thank god

Nooooooo wasn’t there a team who didn’t even compete

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No, assassinator did there’s for the skinmakers, and glaceon and I did stuff.

Bruh, me angel and zarooma all did for Swordstrikers

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This judging is idiotic. Tgereshud be a panel of three judges bc hamm vlearly cant do it herself

hehe boi

@Undefeated_zarooma I warned you (:

Congrats on not being UFE!

Dont vote frager

Bribes brought y’all down

don’t next time

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In truth I thought angel was bribing to get us out so you expect the bribe

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Bribing a cookie :laughing:

Should’ve said what kind of cookie


10 votes for who…….

10 votes total.



(It’s not like I didn’t compete or anything… :stuck_out_tongue:)

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U told us to convince. Bribes and yhreats convince. This is bs. Be more specific then

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Wait threats… those work better…. I got a plan >:€