The great forum battles 5: and the losing team is

The chaos slayers!
@Hue gets a win token for having the highest save:attack ratio!
you can vote here:

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i was just like this when I brought the site up: ANGEL ANGEL ANGEL

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NOOOOOO welp seems like the road ends here for me

yea my votes are in and dont look to well for you

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GASP u voted me didn’t you…

i would never :smirk: but you know if i did its not out of hate its because your the big threat and i want to live

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you will see everyone who votes me will get punished for their actions

i already am though…

next time when I see you on one of your runs this time I won’t play around with you THIS TIME ITS DEATH

Ill vote for u


Im prob one of few peiple tht rnt scared of u

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I’ll grind 4 u if u don’t vote me

U shudve sed so earliwr. Oops

Its fine. Who do u want out?

Ill vote for them on different email to even out

sry mum…

…I said if you (don’t vote me) u voted me…

sry but u are a good player it is nuttin personnally (totally)

I see how it is… you all think i’m sus so thts y u guys are voting me out:<