The History of Slimes

Slimes have evolved throughout their existance in Lets explore how

At first, slimes were circles. They jumped around and only inhabited the grass and snow biomes. There were green, red, rainbow, snow, and ice slimes.

Slimes soon expanded to live in the molten depths of the world, and the glowing lava slime evolved.

On april fools, all the slimes evolved into a new species of slime: the triangle slimes. The triangle slimes looked goofy, but they had a better grip on surfaces due to having a flat bottom, making them superior to the circle slimes.

Recently slimes have evolved again. Slimes now look cuter and have a brain with eyestalks connecting to their eyes. These slimes are more intelligent than the ones before. Slimes have also expanded to new biomes:

Grasslands: red, green, rainbow
Snow: ice, snow, ice star
Savanna: dune, amber, mushroom
Jungle: mud, forest, botanic
Alpine: turquoise, alpine, pine
Caves: cave, mushroom, lava

Some slimes have even evolved to absorb parts of the environment into them (ice star, mushroom, botanic, and pine)

Slimes had also evolved to be able to stack on each other, providing better defenses for both slimes

Slimes will continue to evolve in unknown ways forever



Ooo cool lore XD

I was today years old when i learned that the red blobs are called slimes


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