The loop of inactiveness... (why have i been inactive?)

so you may have noticed that i’ve been a bit inactive recently, or maybe wondered why that’s so.

and i’m sad to say it’s not because i have enough time. i still am on forum the same amount each day (except for the weekends), but it’s because i’ve had no ideas.

some people tell me i write well, but how am i supposed to keep writing if i have nothing to write?

and so now i’m in this loop of inactiveness that i hope to break.

i get inactive due to no ideas, and then, because of that, i stay with no ideas, so i stay inactive more…the process repeats.

i would say the only thing you guys could do to help me is to give me topic ideas, whether it be specific or vague, anything helps! thanks! i’m grateful for all your support and hope to break the cycle soon to give you guys some interesting posts to read.


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