The most GOATED shoes

I LOVE shoes And I know you guys do to. So PLEASE tell me why The 12 buckle my shoes are not Goated.


holy brainrot :joy:

Im Just kidding, but actually tell me your fav shoes And why not post a picture of them while your at it?

download - 2024-04-19T095105.214

Arn’t those the 4’s


Me personally

I don’t really have a favorite but these are one of them

Jordans are the 100% best

Shoes that I can wear without dying

ur alive rn so :D W

get roasted

Huh wdym

I think he was refering to the fire reaction I left. The reaction meant “Fire I’m still alive!!” but maybe he thought it was something else.

I personally don’t care Abt shoes that much as long as they are comfortable

i like the crocs tennis shoes

Idk they kinda mid

The only shoes that brought me true joy were light up shoes that I wore in kindergarten :sunglasses:. Those are the most goated shoes.

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(they dont have laces)
(((I cant tie my shoes)))