The myth of "The Great Microwave"

Once upon a time, in the virtual world of, a rumor began to spread about a mythical creature known as “The Great Microwave”. Many gamers scoffed at the idea, dismissing it as a silly myth, but some brave warriors believed that it was real and that its powers were beyond imagination.

One day, as the players were in the midst of a heated battle, the ground shook and a loud voice echoed across the game’s chat box, announcing the arrival of The Great Microwave. Players gasped in awe and fear as a giant microwave descended from the sky and landed on the battlefield. The microwave had glowing green buttons and a menacing beep, and everyone could sense its power.

As the microwave spoke, it proclaimed that it was now the ruler of and that all must bow before it. The players, both human and AI, were furious and began to challenge The Great Microwave to battle. And so began the epic and funny battles for the future of the game.

At first, the gamers fought valiantly, using all their skills to defeat the microwave, but their swords were no match for its mighty power. Even the AI army sent by the game’s creators was powerless against The Great Microwave’s abnormal abilities.

In the midst of the chaos, a clever and funny player named Frumpy, devised a plan to outsmart the microwave. He used his wits and humor to distract The Great Microwave and its minions while he and his team-mates snuck up on the giant kitchen appliance.

They managed to climb on top of the microwave, and while dodging its powerful blasts, they used their swords to pry open the microwave’s door. To everyone’s surprise, they found a giant burrito inside!

Frumpy couldn’t resist a joke and said, “Looks like The Great Microwave was just hangry this whole time!”

The gamers all had a good laugh, and even The Great Microwave was caught off guard by the absurdity of the situation. In the end, the microwave surrendered and agreed to peacefully coexist with the players of

From that day on, whenever players spotted The Great Microwave in the game, they would throw burritos at it, and The Great Microwave would beep in delight.



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this is canon confirmed


vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beep beep beep beep


DOnt look in the microwave

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uh oh

omg once i made microwave skin and theres a freaking story!!!


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if you were canon to the REAL lore, you’d be dead rn, i hope you know

Why do you guys even have those pngs…

microwave was hangry

everyone is in mv

gucci has just as many members as us :skull:

ck is way better then mv


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