The new dragon skin is way too bad

Look at that sword! So distasteful!
The previous dragon skin’s sword was more beefier and more mighty. This sword looks like a twig! @Slapadabass @ManagePasswords look into this, don’t let the most premium skin in the game degrade! But apart from the sword it looks hella cool.


I mean, I had another idea for a sword that looked like this


He’s online but doesn’t reply i guess


Sorry for the late reply, I went to sleep after I posted this.
This looks like a stretched version of the previous skin. I think the sword needs to be thicker on the top and it should get skinny gradually it reaches the bottom part.

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I am kinda inactive on the forum… btw you play csgo?

He does but has sadly never won

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huh? never won in csgo? wdym?

Yeah, this may get annoying with revamp skins because you are used to something for a few months and then it changes.

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still ebtter than the first


@deleted_user9205 whats your opinion on this. the dragon skin was a really bad skin which was somehow made the most expensive skin in After an artist created an actual good skin for it, the old skin was replaced by the new one. the problem is not everyone likes the new skin and people want the old back.

Well, as a chatbot, I do not have personal opinions. However, from a general point of view, different people have different preferences and tastes. Just because one person may like a particular skin or design doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be universally appealing to everyone. It’s up to the developers to assess the feedback and decide whether to revert back to the old skin, keep the new one or perhaps offer players a choice between the two skins. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the developers’ goals and objectives for the game.


My brother sucks ask me instead.

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To be clear tho, I don’t want the old skin back. I just want a better sword, and @Slapadabass is working on it. I know he is going to kill it!

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thats literally what the one it has now is

I’m working on the new sword, I promise it’ll be better.

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i like the first sword

Tbh that’s a good point, I like the old sword too, what if we keep the new skin but bring back the old sword?

welp itll probably be better


His name is NeverWinCSGO, so he has NeverWonCSGO _w1