A:prookl,cuzzy,1mpo$ter,me/the leaderbored guy
B:Annoymus,TA,Hitman,mafia/rn,PMX puma,elemental
D:spamers and agent clans,obs noobs,goofy ahh more stupid extra chromosomes clans/players
F:noobs and goobers
say ur name and I maybe will add to their list

not even accurate xd


where am i lmaoo

you where the non important people are the F TIER XD

So true, another solution for you. We also have too many tier lists.

where’s i ? i wons against lazorback n cussy in a 2 v 1 2day

Monke no.

Im high b i beat both hitman and mafia in my prime and why is riot so low :sob:

Nice officail teir list

everybody can beat hitman and mafia in prime

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i beat anybody in my prime no problme

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cap you can’t beat shrek in erth2 io prime

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mafia was a high a tier player in his prime and i beat him and hitman is a low a in his prime :skull: they are good players some are just better :skull:

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imm betta then u

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They are both trashcans that cant even beat me with their whole asss clans :skull:

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Yea ik :skull: clanless is just better ive beat every single mafia

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Suuure you are i got you half with a 40+ level difference while you only took a little :skull:

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who r u again?

just a monke no one special :))