The reason y i must take down coder

I must take him down bc a lot of kids request things tht have not been added so when i take down coder everything anyone request will be added if i think it should in at least 1-7 days

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Ok?(4 char)

/: \do you even know how to code?


it is called hireing

And then you have a rushed, mishmash of styles that nobody will like :)


thts a lot of money

So you spend tons of money, hire different people, who most likely have different styles, and make them do it for you? you’d have to train them to all work in a specific style, consistently pay them, and pray people don’t suggest cruddy ideas, last time a game took ideas full force, was Minecraft’s awful mod votes. bad idea.


lol but thts not the point

Then what’s the point? Your point was coder is slow? have you seen game development? Coder is quite quick, actually


It is personal. leave me alone :sob:

it has nuttin to do with coder ok

Why do you make random topics like this…? That doesn’t make sense-

it does u just have small brain

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