The Redemption {CHAPTER 2}

(Hand Written) (Expect Mistakes) (I Dont Really Care About Spelling Correctly)
(installs Grammarly)

After 1 Week Of Angel Gathering Swordbattle And IO-Games Players To Strike Gautam After He Took 20 Million XP From Every Player, Angel Calls incognitoes

Angel: “Could You Go Call More Players?” Angel Asked incognitoes

incognitoes: " Their Is No One Else Online Right Now…Hmm" While incognitoes is thinking of a way to get more Players To Their Team, ShadowBlade Appears In Thin Air

ShadowBlade: “Angel, Why Are You Trying To Call a Strike On Guatam? You Should Know It Was Becuase Of a Bug…” ShadowBlade Asks With a Lil’ Frown

Angel: “I Would let It Slide…IF OYOYOY Wasnt 3M XP away From Me, Did You Not See His Post?? His Literally Threatening Me” Angel Complains

ShadowBlade Doesnt Know What To Say After Seing Angels Frustration Over OYOYOY Claiming 1st All Time.

incognitoes standing behind angel watching Angel complain About OYOYOY To ShadowBlade.

incognitoes: “Im Gonna Go To a Match To Reach For Players…” incognitoes says Nervously Over Seeing Angel So Angry.

while incognitoes Joins and Reaches More Players, In The USA2 Server That Lays OYOYOY And Penguin.

OYOYOY: “First All Time Is Almost In My Grip…, I can almost taste It!” OYOYOY Says Over-Confidently.

Penguin: “Yep! After Acol Left And Wasd changed His Name, Then Later Got Kicked Out of His Account, lol Angel Claimed First And Hasnt Really Joined Swordbattle Matches as Much…” Penguin Says To OYOYOY.

OYOYOY Goes From a Smile To a Angry Frown

OYOYOY: “Tch! That Little Basterd Number1, Grinding Angel’s Account While She Isnt Online, This Is Techinaclly CyberBullying…Right?” OYOYOY Turns To Penguin.

Penguin Shrugs.

OYOYOY: "Nevermind That…#1 All Time Is Already Marked around My Name…And Its a Matter Of Time Before I Claim It! OYOYOY Begins To Luagh Loud and Once Again Over-Confidently.

Penguin Nervously Tries To Join In The Luaghter, But OYOYOY Just Out-Luaghs Her.

CHAPTER 2 Coming In About 20 Minutes

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who going in chapter 2

Took a While But Worth It, Gave Up Tryna Do It with AI, So Just Gonna be Hand Writing It

Many People

Not Sure About You But Ill See What I Can do

aww man

Is chapter 1 Ai?


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