The Redemption {CHAPTER 3}

With OYOYOY Planning Claiming #1 All Time and With The Help Of Penguin, OYOYOY Might Stand a Chance.

Now Back To incognitoes…

incognitoes Joins USA1 Server And Is Met With Victor, Number1 And Phantom

incognitoes: "Oh, Hey Guys! I Dont Know If You Know Already But Im Gathering Players For Angels Strike. incognitoes says to his friends

Number1: “To Be Honest, The Only Problem I see, is OYOYOY Trying To Catch Up To Me and Angel, Even Tho if he Does, Ill Just grind Back To #1 All Time Again XD” Number1 Says Confidently To incognitoes

Phantom: “You Do Know That Gautam Took 20 Million XP Away Right…?”

Number1: “So? Who Cares, I Can Just Grind it All Back Again Anyway, The People Who Should be complaining are the people Who Dont Know How To Grind LOL” Number1 says Clearly Trying To Hide Something.

incognitoes looks at Victor Who Hasnt Said a Word Since he Came.

incognitoes: “Vic? So Do You Wanna Join The Strike?” incognitoes Asks Victor.

Victor: “Nah, I Dont Chose Sides, and if I needed To I Would Join Guatam’s Side Becuase if he Took Away So Much XP, It Must Be For a VERY Good Reason.”

incognitoes: “What If he Just Took It For Nothing? What If…This is All OYOYOY Plan!” incognitoes begins To think that maybe OYOYOY is behind all this.

Number1: “Nah It Cant Be OYOYOY, Becuase XP Was Also Removed From His Account Too.”

incognitoes: “You have A Point There…” incognitoes begins To Think Deep In Thought…

Phantom: “doesn’t Really Matter I Just Hope This Doesnt End In Some Type of War.”

War War War, The Words Looped In incognitoes Head, incognitoes begin to think “Wait Will All This Result In a War? No no no, that would be a little to far…but…20 Million XP is Alot” incognitoes is so deep in thought he couldn’t even hear his friends calling his name.

Victor: “incognitoes? incognitoes?? incognitoes!”

incognitoes: " AH, What War? Where!?" incognitoes says jumping in fear

Victor: “You Good? I Think You Should Go Rest Or Something.” Victor Says While Looking At His Sword Covered In Coins From Fighting.

Number1: “Yeah Get Some Rest, You Should probably Hoop Off For a Little.” Number1 Says Putting His Hand On incognitoes Sholder.

incognitoes: “Okay…” incognitoes says Looking at the floor.

As incognitoes Leaves And Drops His Coins, The 3 Players Fight On Who Gets The Coins, Phantom Manages to get The Coins First, While Number1 And Victor Only Got a Few.

As They Kept Talking, The Hated OYOYOY Joins The Server…, With Penguin Of Course

OYOYOY: " Ahh…Hello" OYOYOY Breaths in The Air Of The Sb Map.

As OYOYOY Spots Number1, Victor, And Phantom, He Hides Behind a Bush. And Penguin Just walks Up To Them

Penguin: “Hey Guys!”

Number1: “Oh Hey Penguin, What Bring You To The Great SB Server?”

Penguin: “Oh Nothing Just Chilling Around With OYOYOY”

The 3 Players All Shout “OYOYOY?!”

OYOYOY Face Palms And Tries To Get As Far as Possible From Them.

Victor: “Lets Go Get Him!” Victor Says Before Being Stopped By Penguin.

Penguin: " WAIT! Guys Hes Just Trying To Play The Game!" Penguin Shouts

“Hey Guys”

Victor, Phantom, Penguin, Number1 All Look Back And See The One And Only Angel.

All: “ANGEL!?”

Chapter 3 Coming in About 1 Hour and 30 Minutes


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