The Redemption {CHAPTER 4}

With OYOYOY Running From Victor, Phantom And Number1, They All Start To Question Penguin.

“Hey Guys”

All: “ANGEL!?”

Number1: “Angel, What Are You Doing Here?”

Angel: “What Do You Mean? I Cant Play Or Something? You Guys are Being Over Dramatic lol” Angel Says Luaghing.

Phantom: “Uh Hi Ange-” Before Phantom Could Finish His Sentence, Angel Had All Ready Killed Him, And Angel Takes His Coins.

Victor: “Ey! What Did U Kill Phantom??”

Angel: “Never Seen Him Before” Angel Says While Collecting More Of Phantoms Coins.

Penguin: “By The Way, Angel Im Here With OYOYOY.” Penguin Says Hoping Angel Doesnt Want To Kill Him Too.

Angel: “Ok.”

Victor: “Wait What? Arnt You Gonna y’know Kill Him?” victor asked confused.

Angel: “Well i Was Thinking About That, But Slap Was Talking to Me About how i should be ‘kind’ to OYOYOY and Maybe Hell Have Second Thoughts Of Wanting To Pass Me :)” Angel Says Smiling.

Victor: “If i were u i was gonna kill him by now” Victor Says And Number1 Agrees.

Number1: “Well Amma Go Kill Him Then, Angel Wanna Help Me?” Number1 Asks Angel While Also Picking Up His Sword.

Angel: “Fine Only Becuase I Want Coins, First Lets Get The Yeti Boss”

Number1: “Okay We Can Do That Stop, Vic We’ll see you later”

As Number1 And Angel Head To The Ice Biome To Get The Yeti Boss For Coins Leaving Victor Alone, Victor Heads To The Lava Biome Becuase You Can Find Alot Of Coins There, OYOYOY Spots Victor Heading To The Lava Biome And Takes This as a Chance To Get Stronger.

With Victor Collecting a Purple Chest Near The Lava, OYOYOY Tries To Sneak Attack Victor With a Choke Hold.

OYOYOY Manages To Get Victor In a Choke Hold, With Victor Being Stronger With Upgraades, OYOYOY Was Struggling To Hold The Chokehold.

OYOYOY: “Give In, You Know You Cant Beat Me, So Why Try” OYOYOY Says Tryna Pull Victor Closer To The Lava Puddle.

Victor: “N-no, I Dont Give Up So Easily” Victor Begins To let OYOYOY Pull Him Towards The Lava As a Plan.

OYOYOY Continues To Pull Victor Closer To The Lava Puddle, And Out Of Nowhere Slap Comes To The Rescue With Penguin Trying To Stop Him.

Penguin: “Slap Just Let Vic Die :<”

Slap: “Sorry Thats a No.”

Slap Kicks OYOYOY Off Victor.

OYOYOY: “DAMN IT!? Slap Your Next!?”

Slap: “i Know Im Not Winning, But At Least I Tried, Like a Bass Guitar I Am”

Slap And OYOYOY Begin To Clash With Their Swords, OYOYOY Easily Out Matching Slap, As Slap is Left Damaged And At Red Health, It Only Takes 1 More Hit “Hes One Shot” Victor Uses His Ability And Begins To Push OYOYOY To The Lava, And Penguin Tries To Save OYOYOY With Her Ability And OYOYOY Also uses His Abillity, TO Kill Victor And Slap. Every Just flashed With White Light

Victor: “What…The…My Eyes…”

OYOYOY: “Please Dont Be Who i Think It Is.”

Angel and Number1 Jump Out Of The Light And Begin To Team-Kill OYOYOY

Angel: " Hello There ;)"

Number1: “Die B*tch”

After Angel And Number1 Won The Battle Gautam Joins The Server…

Chapter 5 Coming Soon…


actual fighting content :1st_place_medal: you get a medal for being the first one with good fighting in words to the part i can imgine it.

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