The Rise, Fall, and Future of IO Games


One day I was just minding my own business in school, when I saw an ad for a game called I clicked it, and immediately was addicted. Countless hours went into upgrading my character there, and that’s how I came to know about IO Games.

These easy-to-play online multiplayer games captured our attention and provided hours of addictive fun. However, as with any trend, the genre experienced its ups and downs.

Today, we’ll explore the rise, the unfortunate downfall due to corporate greed, and the promising future of IO games.

The Rise of IO Games: A Viral Sensation

Remember the time when IO games exploded onto the scene, captivating players with their simplicity and addictive gameplay? It all started with

It was easy to pick up, allowing players to jump right into the action on any low-end device, and quickly learning how to devour opponents and grow your blob.

It was not long before other games caught on., another popular IO game, took the concept of and added its own twist. Instead of controlling a blob, players became snakes, slithering around the game arena, gobbling up colorful pellets and other players to grow longer. The goal was to become the biggest snake on the leaderboard and dominate the arena. At its peak, the single developer was making $100M a day.

An Aggressor's Strategy to | by Joel Johnson | Medium

The success of and paved the way for a wave of IO games across various genres. These games embraced the simplicity and accessibility that made IO games so appealing. They offered quick gameplay sessions, allowing players to jump in and out of matches effortlessly.

IO games expanded into different themes and gameplay mechanics. Some focused on survival and battle royale elements, like, where players fought against each other in a shrinking map until only one survivor was left standing. Others explored team-based gameplay, such as, where players took on the roles of marine creatures and worked together to survive and evolve.

The rise of IO games can be attributed to several factors. The browser-based nature of these games meant that players could easily access them without the need for downloads or installations. This made them accessible to a wide audience, including those with low-end devices or limited gaming resources.

The Unfortunate Downfall: Corporate Greed Takes Over

Sadly, as the IO game genre grew in popularity, more and more corporate entities saw an opportunity to cash in on the trend. They began acquiring numerous IO games by mesmerising the often small dev teams with 6 or 7 figure amounts, and started milking it, often neglecting the communities that made these games thrive.

The focus shifted from creating engaging experiences to maximizing profits through aggressive monetization strategies, loot boxes, and pay-to-win mechanics. This corporate greed stifled innovation and dampened the once vibrant IO game community spirit.

A Glimmer of Hope: Developers Who Care

Amidst the gloom, a new wave of developers has emerged, shining a light on the future of IO games. Games such as,,,,, and are leading the change. - YouTube

These developers prioritize their communities and actively engage with players, valuing their feedback and suggestions. They strive to foster a positive and inclusive gaming environment, where fairness and fun take precedence over profit.

Looking Ahead: The Promising Future of IO Games

With developers like Codergautam is at the helm, the future of IO games holds great promise. By focusing on community-driven development, fostering creativity, and implementing fair monetization models, they aim to restore the joy and excitement that initially propelled the genre to stardom.

Game on, and let’s shape the future of IO games together!

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