The sb war chapter 10

Chapter 10: Teams

“There will be three teams, red, blue and green. The team captains are Shadowblade for red, ANGEL for blue, and Slapadabass for green. The team captain will kill the person who did worst on their team.” Gautam said. There were gasps and murmurs in the crowd. “Shadowblade… will have to kill somebody! I can’t imagine that!” 3RG3R exclaimed. Shadowblade whispered to 3RG3R “I am going to choose you and one friend you want, who do you choose?” “Umm… Uri.” 3RG3R whispered back. “Shadowblade, who is your first choice?” “3R” “ANGEL, who is your first pick?” “Phantom.” 3RG3R gulped, he did not want either team to lose, so he decided he would try and do the least. He also thought that getting killed by a friend would be hard. “Slapadabass, who is your first pick?” “Penguin.” After 10 minutes, the teams were chosen. For red, Shadowblade, 3RG3R, Uri, and Lewcantoucan. For blue it was ANGEL, Phantom, killer, and number1. For green Slapadabass, Penguin, Wasd, and Meomaranti.

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there should be more girls

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Slap will never chose me and I will never chose him :anger: :right_anger_bubble:
I only want to be with Wasd

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What does that even mean??!?!?

i didnt even read any of the other chapters past the first few lines but there should be girl team to kill them all

easy win you guys are going to get clapped



What if we just have that + wasd?

where does this series start and end

starts at chapter 1 and ends at chapter 100

oops, lemme fix

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only 1 team loses, two win


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