The sb war Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Goodbye meomaranti

“I am sorry meomaranti, but you know what I have to do to you” “It’s fine slap, i’m not too afraid. Just please make it quick.” “I would never murder somebody. But this could mean that both of us die if we don’t do it.” “Just get it over with, the more I think about it the worse it gets.” Slapadabass took his kartana and sliced off meomaranti’s head. Then Slapadabass started crying from how bad he felt. Shadowblade helped cheer him up. Then 3RG3R said “another friend gone, how many will I lose?”


u lied to me @3RG3R:augh: dies

lol, dms

Good lord, Slap what have you done?

more than one


very appropriate mod actions right there. Spammed once too much in gen

damn can’t believe slap started his villain arc :skull:

No one is safe

slap gonna use his mod power to ban and silence his enemys now lol.

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