The sb war chapter 5

Chapter 5: Phantom’s life

When Phantom woke up, he read all the posts from the day before, then checked his DM’s. There was a new message from Wasd. He read it and clicked on the link. He sighed when he saw all the writing. “Guess I have to read all of this.” forty-one minutes he finished, he read the ending, gulped thought no to himself. Turned off his phone then thought about his brother who is not doing well. He sighed then turned his phone back on. He waited a minute then pressed sign up.

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what is going ON HOW U MAKE 7 CHAPTER IN A DAY!?

its easy

start with chapter 1

HOW?! HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWww this man either scripted this or typing random.

bro, check my doc, its so easy to write

ima share it with u

okay. wait what.

wdym scripted this

now how would u do that?

check your pms and respond


wait where u go- :skull:

ur not in my pm.

go to my profile and press chat

Wow, how did you do all this?!?

focus? idk, its easy

i’ll share the link with u

The thing I don’t have