The sb war chapter 6

Chapter 6: Shadowblades life

I was showing music to 3RG3R when I came across a song he said he loved and remembered and used to listen to with his brothers. ( When I thought I might share it with a penguin as a joke, since I know she won’t win. Hey! New forum contest. *link


:anger: :broken_heart:

sorry lol, had to make it interesting, you know, I am trying to make the underdogs win

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oh, thank you :heart:

then angel is guaranteed to lose

yes, thats my plan

this is where evil vs good happens angel victim teams up against angel. and i thought angel was good.

angel is bad

so you phantom and shad are brothers irl actually?

i called a friend to help which should be @DOOMSLAYER unless he killing demons.

no cap

@ANGEL Beat him up

bro :sob: shes a good person and good at the game, but she is bad in the story

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are you sure that’s not a trick? she’s the only one who actually read all the paragraphs (probably had time to train)

writing lore for 2d online games will always be cringe, but enjoyable.
always why’s the mf with power the villain
then protag undergoes training arc.

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