The sb war chapter 7

Chapter 7: Penguin’s life

After chatting with Slapadabass, I noticed I had a message from Shadowblade. I read it and clicked on the link. I was shocked by the title, if I won I could use it to buy guns and knives. I read part of the post then skipped to the last sentence. I read that I would die if I failed to win, but it would be fun to murder some kids. I signed up then chatted with Slapadabass again. Hello! Join this contest or else I will kill you :) *link

@penguin here ya go

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do i do that?

semi-accurate, I will use the money to live in the Netherlands and buy cool stationary

no, I read everything, I read the part that said “you might die irl” but since I was confident, I joined

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