The sb war, chapter 9

Chapter 9: Gautam appears

After 2 hours of waiting and getting to know each other Lewcantoucan noticed that there was a crack in the wall “Hey, Number1, come here.” Number1 walked over. He paused and saw the crack. “Gu-” “Don’t Number1 it could give us an advantage.” Number1 smiled. Suddenly the crack got bigger, then a small hole, then the whole wall was gone with a clap like thunder. Slapadabass and 3RG3R screamed. Number 1 gasped. “It’s Gautam! This competition is real!” “Hello” Gautam smirked. The first challenge is to capture the flag, the person who did the least on the losing team will die. There were gasps. Killer was the first to respond “Like, In real life? You never said anything about that!” Gautam smirked again “That was the point of the twenty-one paragraph post. I figured some of you would not read. Anyways, it’s time to pick the teams!”


Ooooh, in real life?? Fun!!



ik, you would not scream, but i am just trying to make it interesting

you should’ve made it interesting by gautam getting stuck in that hole and someone “helping” him out

this is going to be so much funnn :fire::fire::fire:

I think he meant that gautam isn’t this evil?

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