The sword forum tournament round of 32 pt 1

Cosmidragon vs Manage Passwords

Likes Manage Passwords wins 540 to 2.3k 1-0

Likes given Manage Passwords wins 137 to 6.5k 2-0

Topics created Manage Passwords wins 53 to 8 3-0

Replies posted Manage Passwords wins 2.9k to 701 4-0 Manage Passwords wins!

PiStringTheory31 vs Bread

Likes Bread wins 125 to 946 1-0

Likes given Bread wins 55 to 476 2-0

Topics created Bread wins 7 to 48 3-0

Replies posted Bread wins 168 to 350 4-0 Bread wins!

frager201 vs 3RG3R

Likes 3RG3R wins 296 to 417 1-0

Likes given 3RG3R wins 72 to 100 2-0

Topics created 3RG3R wins 40 to 53 3-0

Replies posted 3RG3R wins 292 to 420 4-0 3RG3R wins!

ANGEL vs Mitblade

Likes ANGEL wins 1.3k to 519 1-0

Likes given ANGEL wins 519 to 19 2-0

Topics created Tie 11-11, so… 2 ½ to ½

Replies posted ANGEL wins 1.1k to 370 3 ½ to ½

Topics viewed ANGEL wins 2.9k to 1.2k 4 ½ to ½ ANGEL wins!

Manage Passwords, Bread, 3RG3R, and ANGEL all make it to round of 16!

Before we go I have to say something. I need help making the finale, because it is going to be big! Dm me if you want to help and I will make a private chat (you can be competing here as well, Irdc.)

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I though I was going against slap this round?

You are, but i am not doing all the matches at once.
Yours will be next monday.

…delaying my inevitable death are we?

Cosmidragon vs Manage Passwords
PiStringTheory31 vs Bread
frager201 vs 3RG3R
ANGEL vs Mitblade
Will be today.
Hamm vs Wasd
Propvp vs Desertshadow
TigerLizzy vs FLARE
Assassinator vs F1NN96
On thursday
Sketchxcoding vs vul
Shinobislayer vs Potatolord
Codergautam vs lewcantoucan_107
LaVilla vs HarshiT
Friday cuz personal stuff.
DOOMSLAYER vs Glaceon8
ColoredHue vs Dev3x
Fish vs Acol
Zarooma vs Slapdabass
Next Monday


No, your match just got picked last by the wheel.
Plus if it makes you feel any better, you still have a tiny chance.


Itty bitty chance


nanananannananan why am I against angel first :skull:

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welp im dead im against the father of swordbattle, and im the statistically worst person in the round of 32. seyonara

i was not here during part 1, was i in any other of these tournaments @UNglaceon8?

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oh no…


You Probably lost during the first round

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Oh ok then

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