The two best way to use dead servers

normally, when you go on you are aiming to practice your pvp skills/grind, usually something related to the two. but especially with USA2 down, sometimes USA can get a little…crowded, let’s say.

so for me, a good way to get a little break from the chaos of USA is to go on a “dead” server. (these are just what i call servers with one to no non-bot players active. (as of now, the dead-ish server is Europe because USA2 is down and so USA has all the players.) dead servers are usually quite chill - and there is one main use that people use these types of servers for - grinding.

dead servers are reasonably for grinding because there are normally no players that are hard to beat - this way you can farm huge bots and go around breaking chests. however, the way that i like to use dead servers has nothing to do with grinding.

i like to use dead servers for practicing pvp. now, bots aren’t that good at pvp (on the contrary, they are horrible) - however, you can practice your comboes on bots pretty well. my spacing improved tremendously from doing this, as well as my styling skills (early games). I think I improved my spacing/comboing/styling skills a lot by doing this on servers like these…


bots are so scared of me, they run away when they see me.


same bruv its funny

Yeah, that’s what I do aswell.

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