the whole "screenie" situation.

so, correct me if im wrong, but my general impression is there aren’t many screenies that ppl take in

i’ve never really seen anybody do screenies together…

except for today, where i met my biggest fan (their words :] ), illus1ion1ty…

(tysm for the support, btw, illus1on1ty if ur on forum :] )

but have any of you guys taken/seen a screenie? i think it might be more of a realmz thing…(seen multiple screenies taken/topics abt screenies/candids)


Ive never heard about this until now.

yeah, sort of confirming my theory.

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I just murder everyone I see

No situation!! Pretty standard to record or screenshot in your favorite games.

Haven’t felt a need to do that here, but for this other game that I play, I hit record when I want to capture a video to clip a screenshot with perfect timing.

You should start making short videos and screenshots of your techniques like ghost flicking

yep, to that i agree but i was mainly referring to the wholes screenie with others from a fan to wellknown/famous type of interaction.

i think i will, great suggestion!

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