Therapist wanted???

I have experience with peopl. and I have helped @wasd he’ll tell you I’m willing if you private message me to give you a therapy session


I need therapy

I need therapy

i need therapy

lmao its true tho just look at my status…

Me too

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i DONT need therapy

maybe i’m just a mean and stupid person.
(i am)

but I love psychoanalyzing everything, and you seem like that one guy who does something cool and then immediately thinks they’re an expert at it

also, i need therapy.

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we know you do bud

I don’t think a 12 year old can be a therapist tbh

I probably need therapy but not from this kid


lol but not from this guy

Im a therpist dm me for therypy

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your speling iz rong


I h8 u so much dat i wil dox u, ur not loved @ all u shud yoru ni kakeru ur self. Tbh i h8 meself im gonna yoru ni kakeru myself.

The prior statement is a joke ^

i cant even read 90% of this sencentance

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Im 14 and i’ve help wasd ask him

says the guy who asked me for therapy

ima need to see a therapy phd and proof your an actual therapist or im calling the cops and suing

to bad you dont know my name so it can’t be persuded
also im rich and can bride my way out