There's a new hacker with a GUN IN GAME

how does this still exist lmao

You were the 100th reply tho


Shhh :shushing_face:

oh dam he wasn’t lying about the gun

Is he back

this topic was crazy i remember how all of us joined up to check fr

I was around when this drama happened then Google stopped letting me log in

who might this delinquent be? i love how its so blatantly obvious that he edited

i did better sb photoshop lol
some people actually thought it was real

who can forget the gautam skin too lmao

oh yeah lol

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So much fakes these days lol

As you can see, this man has what appears to be a Glock 17. This model can shoot fast, if a switch is put on. This hacker is using the hacked client labeled gun_go_pew_pew.exe. This is a dangerous file that can be corrupted easily. If not used properly with the right antivirus, it will take over his Wifi and computer, deleting all files in his computer. He is running Swordbattle just fine, so he has controlled the virus.

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We need someone to take down his antivirus
Then hell blow up :blush:


bro did say GAS GAS GAS