Things on the map

Welcome to the world of! As you venture around the map, you’ll come across various items that can aid you in your journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding these items. (Note: This section does not cover skins.)

:package: Chests

Chests are perhaps the most valuable items you can encounter. Depending on the chest’s color, you can earn a bounty of coins.

  • Brown Chest (Common): This is the most basic chest and offers the least rewards.
  • Purple Chest (Rare): This is the pinnacle of chests, offering the most coins.

Different chests also come with varying HP, so be prepared to work a bit if you’re hoping to crack open a rare one!

:moneybag: Coin Range: 50 - 10,000 coins.

:deciduous_tree: Bushes

Seeking refuge? Look no further than the inconspicuous bushes. Perfect for:

  • Hiding: Especially useful if you’re being pursued by bigger players.
  • Regenerating: Rest up and regain your health.

However, there’s a catch! Though these bushes might shield you from plain sight, players using the map can still spot you. Plus, bots won’t be fooled – they can track you down.

:moneybag: Coins

Scattered generously across the map, coins are the most ubiquitous items you’ll find.

  • Small Coin: Worth 1 coin.
  • Large Coin: Worth up to 5 coins.

Collect them as you navigate the terrains to boost your score and climb the leaderboards!

Good luck, and may the best swordsman triumph!


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