This game is trivial(1 MILLION)

I hit one million in a lobby last night. for some reason the screenshots wont upload through my repl proxy and the only other person with the screenshots is ck killer. so youll have to believe me until i find a way to upload them. whats the best somones ever done?

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he from the south,just better

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in the heart of texas

3.5 Million.

dang, who got that? acol?

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Yeah, it was Acol.

you know how long he spent?

getting to one million must be hard.

have u ever gotten it? if not, its not that difficult, just takes like 2 hours

i have only played the io game a few times before, the best was like 50k, but idk when i last did a full run

4 hours?
I remember seeing a post about it somewhere here.

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7 for 3.5
Check lb for this stuff. Its there dor a reason

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ty fam. i dont think i have that kinda time tho

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