This got me laughin'

so i was afk(and some of you know that i go back to check for attacks)
so nuke was beside me when i was afk and i went back to check
guess wht he said:
nukes : “so tiger is afk”
nukes: “lets do the tiger afk dance”(starts spinning)
me: “yes!!”
nukes : “ummm…”
loool he prob was embarresed

later, i was afk again while writing this and i went back to check
he said “lz afk dance”
and i said “yess!!”
and he said “you were not supposed to see that”
loool XD :)

chop of the tomato gets eaten when drivang a bus into a walmart

? wdym

uhhhhh well orange did it cause he started to spin like GO CRAZY and hit his head off of a tomato wich ate a lemon because the lemon just looked like he ate purple

oh lool

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