This is evil

The bread skin is actually a cinnamon roll :rage:


U just realized?..


bro just realized

Its a type of bread or pastry I guess?

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and what do you think a cinnamon roll is made of?

Cinnamon of course

and teh sword is Baguette

and what? A roll perhaps? And what is a roll made of?

oh i dont know


Bro just copied manage passwords post

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Well bread should just be plain bread cause bread is bread and cinamon roll is pastry

Cc: @Wasd

Cinnamon, sugar, bread, icing, etc :rage:

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Still bread tho

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Well it’s breads skin and if he wants to change his skin he can otherwise it doesn’t matter

i am actually evil

Not friendly.

cause im evil like i said

Stop spamming my inbox geez.

Im just responding to messages

I mean i said i was evil you crossed me this is your punishment

How did I cross you and how the hell is this punishment :skull: Your like a 5 year old repeatably asking for my phone or something.

If im 5 your negative 3

Im pretty sure this forum is for 13+ only :skull: